• L.P.G. and oil equipment

    Trading and Engineering since 1998

    LPG-OIL ApS trades Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and oil equipment, including cylinders, dispensers, storage tanks and specialized vehicles. We also also undertake gas cylinder filling plants engineering and construction projects from the very start and up to the filling of the first cylinder.

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L.P.G. Equipment

Gas Cylinders

2kg, 5kg, 11kg 45/47kg etc.

Gas Storage Tanks

Many second-hand storage tanks

L.P.G. Dispensers

Various types on in stock

L.P.G. Filling Plants

Complete L.P.G. cylinder filling plants

Filling Scales

Used to fill LPG cylinders

Road Tankers

L.P.G. roadtankers/trailers in stock

View L.P.G. Equipment

Oil Equipment

Oil Dispensers

Electronic and mechanical dispensers

Road Tankers

Second hand oil road tankers in stock

Oil Railroad Tanks

Oil rail tanks

View Oil Equipment

Safety-Helmet-icon Our engineers can also help you with dismantling and disassembling plants and stations.

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