Dismantling and Scrapping of Gas and Oil Plants

Our engineers can help you with dismantling and decommissioning of filling plants etc. Our priority is to safely and quickly dismantle the plant, while salvaging the usable equipment. We can then help with selling off the equipment to third parties.

Our Experience in Dismantling:

Vienna, Austria - 2 x 250 m3, transported by Danube river.

Zory, Poland - 2 x 250 m3, transported by truck to Slovakia and further by Danube river.

Spychowo, Poland - 6 x 173 m3, transported to Venice and shipped.

Quick Dismantling Guide for Gas Plants

LPG-OIL has a well thought through system for dismantling and scrapping of gas plants. We provide our customers, who wish to decommission their plants, with our expert advise on the technical issues. We also help you find customers for your used equipment and take care of the shipping arrangements. Here is our quick guide to dismantling of gas plants:

  1. Gas equipment is de-gasified according to customer safety regulations
  2. Equipment is dismantled and disassembled
  3. At the same time, we find a customer and negotiate the best possible price
  4. All special requests of the customer are taken into account